StreamVR Beta For macOS Are Available Now

StreamVR Beta For macOS Are Available Now

As we all know Mac systems are popular for their gaming performance, design as well as audio and video editing capabilities but still they are not considered as a feasible option for PC gaming. But now it will change, as good news for fans & users of Mac systems is announced by Steam on its community website that SteamVR Beta is now available for new macOS High Sierra.

The announcement was done after the launch of Apple’s new macOS High Sierra at the Apple World Wide Developers Conference 2017. The operating system has rapidly captured the imagination of Mac enthusiasts and tech-gurus. Apple also demonstrated their promise to VR by showcasing high-end VR in front of thousands of developers for the very first time.

The macOS High Sierra brings new, snappier performance and improved features according to Apple. For the first time developers can also create interactive virtual experiences with help of apps such as SteamVR, Epic Unreal 4 Editor, Final Cut Pro, Unity Editor and new peripherals like HTC Vive VR compatibility.

However there are still some issues!

Systems like SteamVR will only be offered on new iMacs and MacBooks with a graphics card capable of VR gaming. Additionally, the SteamVR Beta will be compatible with just the HTC Vive. It is still not known that will it support Facebook’s Oculus VR.

Steps to Run SteamVR on your Mac:

  • Go to your library under Tools, and find SteamVR
  • Right click and navigate to Properties
  • Now, select the Betas tab and click SteamVR Beta in the dropdown list

The important point to keep in mind is that you will require Metal graphics. MacBook with Metal 2 on macOS High Sierra is recommended. Metal 2 enhance performance by enabling the GPU for taking control of the rendering pipeline, according to Apple.

Apple has also announced a dedicated VR kit (a $599 sonnet breakaway box with an AMD Radeon RX580 card in a USB-C to a 4-port USB-A hub) with a $100 developer discount on the HTC Vive. There is something more, for additional graphic support users will also be able to plug in external hardware into their Mac. The new iMac Pro has built-in VR hardware and it costs $4,999 but it is still unknown that whether VR apps and games will be available as they arrive in stores.

As we know as compared to Windows and Linux, Apple is late in joining virtual reality but now its compatibility with SteamVR has created a new territory.

The macOS High Sierra OS will make VR content creation a first for Mac users as it is Apple’s first venture into AR and VR technologies. A new filing system has also been developed and increased privacy for Safari Web Browser additionally.

The World Looks According to SteamVR

The well exposed SteamVR for Mac is a good step in the right direction. However, some time will be required to populate the platform with related content. It seems that for the time being content created for other platforms like Windows will be converted to use.

For some time now VR has created a space in tech and non-tech industries. Oculus developed the first consumer ready VR headset which moved the world into VR craze mode, is not an old story. Since then a lot has happened in the tech and non-tech industries continuously searching for virtual reality technology related useful applications.

VR applications are being used in training, construction and communication industries as well as a development tool in architecture and engineering. There are very few industries in fact which haven’t introduced virtual reality in any way.

Even online casino operators are considering using virtual reality to offer bettors land-based, more realistic casino style experiences. Table games like poker and blackjack are included that qualify, and some video slots would also be able to benefit from 3D opportunities of virtual reality.

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